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Thursday Breakfast Special: Carne Asada Eggs Benedict

5.18.23 - Thursday

Welcome to a new day at JerryBobs Restaurant in Green Valley! This Thursday, May 18, 2023, we have a breakfast special that's bound to intrigue your taste buds and start your day with a flavorful bang.

Our Carne Asada Eggs Benedict, priced at just $12.99, is a delightful fusion of classic breakfast fare and a touch of Southwestern zest. The tender, juicy carne asada pairs perfectly with the rich and creamy Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs, creating a harmonious melody of flavors. Accompanied by our perfectly crispy home fries, this dish guarantees a breakfast experience you won't forget.

Visit JerryBobs for an unforgettable breakfast and try our Carne Asada Eggs Benedict - a taste of Green Valley you can savor!

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