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Sunday Breakfast Special: Quiche Lorraine

7.2.23 - Sunday

Wake up to the finest breakfast experience at JerryBob's Restaurant, a cherished eatery nestled in Green Valley, AZ. This Sunday, July 2nd, we invite you to start your day with our exquisite breakfast special, meticulously prepared to kickstart your morning with a burst of flavor.

At the center of our breakfast special is the Lorraine Quiche. A timeless classic infused with a distinctive JerryBob's touch, this dish exemplifies our commitment to creating memorable meals. Each bite of our Lorraine Quiche offers a symphony of tastes, blending the crispness of bacon, the creaminess of Swiss cheese, the sweet tenderness of onions, and the smooth, fluffy texture of eggs. Encased in a buttery crust, this medley of ingredients has made the Lorraine Quiche a top choice among our Green Valley regulars.

Accompanying the quiche are our signature roasted potatoes, bringing a satisfying heartiness to the meal. A side of fresh fruit offers a refreshing counterpoint to the savory elements, adding a bright, vibrant touch to your plate.

This delightful breakfast special at JerryBob's Restaurant captures our dedication to quality and fresh ingredients, and is yours to enjoy for just $12.99. Our extensive menu, filled with diverse breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, further showcases the culinary prowess we're proud of.

Located at 1325 W. Duval Mine Rd. Green Valley, AZ 85714, at the corner of La Canada and Duval in the Safeway shopping center, JerryBob's Restaurant is a beacon of exceptional dining in Green Valley. For a convenient dining experience, we offer an easy online ordering system at, with a curbside pickup service for your comfort and ease.

Experience a taste of Green Valley, AZ at JerryBob's Restaurant – we can't wait to welcome you!

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