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Monday Breakfast Special: Chocolate Muffin French Toast

5.22.23 - Monday

Enjoy a Sweet Start to Your Day with the Chocolate Muffin French Toast at JerryBob's Restaurant in Green Valley, AZ

This morning at JerryBob's Restaurant, we invite you to indulge in a sweet symphony of flavors with our sensational breakfast special: Chocolate Muffin French Toast. This Green Valley, AZ gem is turning breakfast into a decadent affair that will delight even the most discerning foodie.

Our Chocolate Muffin French Toast is not your average breakfast. This delightful dish begins with a soft, crumbly chocolate muffin dipped in a creamy egg mixture and cooked to golden perfection. It's then topped with freshly sliced strawberries and a generous dollop of whipped cream for a burst of freshness and a hint of indulgence.

But the feast doesn't end there. Accompanying the Chocolate Muffin French Toast at JerryBob's Restaurant is a hearty serving of golden, crispy hash browns and two eggs cooked just the way you like them. Whether you prefer them scrambled, sunny-side up, over easy, or poached, our chefs are on hand to deliver a perfect plate every time.

We at JerryBob's Restaurant are proud of our unique and delectable breakfast options. We source local ingredients, ensuring freshness and supporting our community right here in Green Valley, Arizona.

Experience the perfect combination of sweet and savory in our breakfast special, and make your morning a little brighter. So, why wait? Join us today at JerryBob's Restaurant in Green Valley, AZ, and start your day on a delicious note with our Chocolate Muffin French Toast breakfast special.

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