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Sunday Breakfast Special: Denver everything bagel melt

Updated: Mar 26, 2023


Discover the Ultimate Breakfast Delight with JerryBobs' Denver Everything Bagel Melt Special in Green Valley

Awaken your taste buds with JerryBobs' irresistible breakfast special - the Denver Everything Bagel Melt at just $11.99! This scrumptious meal features a freshly baked everything bagel filled with a mouthwatering Denver omelet, packed with juicy ham, crunchy onions, and vibrant peppers. To make it even more heavenly, we've melted cheese on top, ensuring each bite is bursting with flavor. Served alongside our signature crispy hash browns, this bagel melt is the perfect way to start your day in Green Valley. Join us at JerryBobs and experience the deliciousness of our Denver Everything Bagel Melt Special, a breakfast creation you won't find anywhere else!

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